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What the client had to say

“I worked with Mizko Media extensively for a few months as I was starting PhoneWagon. I initially contacted him because I liked his portfolio on Dribbble and after learning he wasn’t able to begin the project right away because he was selected to be an Adobe Insider at the Adobe MAX Conference in San Giego, I knew he was talented. Throughout the entire experience working together, Michael over-communicated with me so that I never questioned where we were in the process or what the next steps were.

In addition to thinking through an ideal user experience and developing great designs, Michael was a thought partner that helped me think through complex scenarios. Not only would I recommend Michael, I hope to work with him in the future.”
Matt Schiller
Ryan Shank
CEO at PhoneWagon
Step 1

Aligning on the vision

To kick off the project, we sat with Ryan to better understand what problem he was trying to solve, what his vision was and what he imagined the platform to be like. For us it's important to understand where the client sits. We're all different and have different ideas.

What we do at Mizko Media is not only design delightful experiences, but we also work closely with the client to strategise their product.

The Research
The Research
Step 2

The research

To better illustrate the problem sets we set out top solve, we went ahead and did some research. We put together a user story on the current situation of our target market.

  • What were the pain points?
  • What was the current process?
  • Where did we did it?
Step 3

Defining the problems & scope

We can’t solve every problem on the planet. We wanted to stay lean for the MVP launch. So we went ahead and agreed on the top 3 - 4 pain points we wanted to set out to solve.

  • I don’t know which marketing channels are working
  • I can’t communicate with customers on all mediums
  • I can’t respond fast enough to customers
  • I’m missing calls and losing opportunities

The project scope was still up in the air and a bit fluffy, so I suggested to Ryan that we need to better define the scope by ironing out our user stories for the platform.

I sent Ryan my user stories template and we collaborated until we were both happy with the scope

User Research
The Research The Research
Step 4

Sitemaps, wireframes & sketches

I wanted to build PhoneWagon right. We had a number of competitors and the only way for us to win them over was the experience. Solving a specific problem set, extremely well.

First I focused on defining the high level sitemap. Making sure the flows and architecture of the platform was right. Business owners don’t have time to fiddle around with interfaces. Do the thinking, give them what they want in the right places.

Only until we were both happy, I began wire-framing the screens themselves.

Omnes Regular


Brandon Grotesque


Step 5

The design

There I was starring at a blank canvas. We wanted PhoneWagon to be bold and confident but also feel friendly and fun. That’s where we found a balance between the confident colour scheme with the lighter and more friendly iconography and illustrations.

I took Ryan through an interactive design phase. This allows us to eliminate as much back and forth as possible. I used the Dashboard to set the bench mark. Once we were both happy with the direction, I moved onto the other parts of the product.

User interfaces

Since we focused on the process and made sure the wireframes were finalised, the design phase went smoothly. We simply took the information architecture and wireframes and gave it a beautiful, coat of paint.

Project 1 - Number Rules
Project 1 Dashboard
Project 1 Empty Dashboard
Project 1 - Number Settings
Project 1 - Messaging
Project 1 - Reports
Project 1 - Messaging
Project 1 - Onboarding